Month: April 2016

Tips for Building an Eco-Friendly Sauna At Home

| April 23, 2016 | Amanda Loring | 0

If you have decided you want to have a sauna at home and you want to build it yourself, you should pay attention to the eco-friendly details that will make your sauna energy-efficient. Our article will show you which are the main elements that must be taken into account in order to design an eco-friendly sauna at home.

Tips for Giving Up Disposable Plastic Products

| April 9, 2016 | Danielle Mayers | 0

It might be hard to give up on using plastic altogether, but you must make an effort and make certain changes to protect the environment. Therefore, if you are truly concerned about our planet, read this article and apply the tips for giving up disposable plastic products that you will find in it.

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